Company Profile


MYKarmas Logistics aim is;

-To profit towards our purpose,
-To serve our customers fast, economic and beyond the sense of permanent development of integrated logistics,
-To transform our customers expactations to targeted product or service and provide them the ultimate satisfaction,
-To Improve our employees satisfaction,
-To be respectful to community and sensible to enviroment

MYKarmas which is a professional partner on freight and customs clearence, provides Air, Sea and Road Freight, and Warehousing services, to meet the customers demands in export and import.
Karmas adopted the idea of the best service with its experienced and professional staff. MYKarmas supports its quality services with its professional background and give opportunity to track the freights on-line. Providing fast and on-time deliveries, and true solution suggestions, MYKarmas aims to rise customers pleasure to highest level.

MYKarmas brings intelligence to logistic problems.